About Q-Lash Studio

Q-Lash Studio was born from the desire to provide the best eyelash extension services in Houston. We offer effortless appointment booking! Cannot keep your appointment? No problem! We will reschedule it! We understand if you need to cancel your appointment, we will accommodate to your busy schedule.

Whether you visit us for a lash removal or a new full set, our desire is to provide you with the best eyelash extension experience in Houston.

Our Experience

Q-Lash Studio, specializes in high quality eyelash extensions. Only Certified Professionals will work with you. We provide best the eyelash extensions in the  market.  We offer great services for our clients in a clean and relaxed environment.

Q-Lash Studio maintains the highest industry standards for its products and services!

Woman eye with colorful make-up and long false eyelashes - gerber flower

Why Us?

Q-Lash Studio does not offer cheap eyelash extensions like other salons in Houston. Why? Because low quality and poor workmanship always results in very bad experiences to clients.

We offer not only a clean facility, but also carefully selected quality products. We work hard to provide our clientele services and products to exceed their expectations.

Eyelash extensions are meant to enhance your natural beauty and self confidence! Therefore, we pay special attention to your requests and desires! We will meet your expectations with an honest and professional advice. We care about your lash extensions and your natural lashes as well!

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