Full Eyelash Extensions

Did you ever dream about having the longest, most beautiful eyelashes? You don't have to dream anymore! Q-Lash Studio will make your dream come true! Our full eyelash extensions give you a natural, yet sophisticated look. We use high-end quality lashes to enhance your beautiful eyes.

We have different eyelashes types to fit your needs and preferences. Using individual Eyelash Extension, Q-Lash Studio, we can  create personalized custom looks using different eyelash thickness and lengths. One limitation to individual Eyelash Extension super full looks. Fullness depends on the number of natural eyelashes in your eyes.  Ask our lash specialist what is the best option for you!

Premium Mink Lash = $250.00

Real Mink Lash = $300.00

Bottom Full Set = $100.00

Volume Eyelash Extensions

If you desire to add extra volume to your eyelashes, not just length, Volume Eyelashes is the answer.  What makes Volume Eyelash Extension different from other procedures? Instead of applying only one eyelash, we apply 2, 3 & 4 finer lashes to each individual natural lash to create volume desired. The eyelashes used in this technique are light-weight, and will not damage your eyelashes.  Volume Lashes last longer and refills are normally required every 4-6 weeks!

Volume Eyelash Extensions provide an elegant accent to your eyes! The volume look makes lashes look thick and gorgeous.  Butterfly kisses anyone?

Volume = Regular $300.00


Fashion Lash Extensions

Is it girls night out? Do you have a really special event where "impress" is the keyword? At Q-Lash Studio we have you covered. We will apply the most amazing set of lashes for your special event! Our Fashion Lash Extension are elegant, sophisticated and fun! Book your appointment today and let the party start!

Colored Two-tone (Ombre) = Regular $300.00 Promo $129.00

Eye Lash Refill and Removal

Q-Lash Studio offers refill services to maintain your eyelashes looking fresh and beautiful. We refill your lashes whether you have or not they were applied by us or by another lash salon.

Do you need to take a break from your lashes? We can remove them from you! It does not matter if we applied them or someone else did! We will remove existing extensions, adhesive and thorough cleaning & priming your lashes!


Removal = $30.00

Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Eyelash Extension. Lashes. Close up, selected focus

Refill Prices

Refills: Synthetic Mink

1 Week Refill = $30.00

2 Weeks Refill = $45.00

3 Weeks Refill = $55.00

Refill 4 Weeks = $65.00

5 Weeks and More = New Full Set

Refills: Volume and Real Mink

1 Week Refill = $40.00

2 Weeks Refill = $50.00

3 Weeks Refill = $60.00

Refill 4 Weeks = $65.00

5 Weeks and More = New Full Set

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